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Currently our events page Bee There is focused entirely on the events surrounding the centenary of World War 1 in April....


It is said that New Zealand, as a nation, came of age as a result of our involvement in the war under the British flag, beginning with the Gallipoli campaign.  At Gallipoli the spirit of Anzac was was also born.

Wellington will be at the centre of this incredibly moving time in our history, which begins on 18 April.

The National War Memorial was built in Wellington in 1932.  During the past few years, with the 2015 centenary in mind, much work has been undertaken to restore the area, including the Memorial and carillon.  The road that once was in front of the Memorial is now underground, in the Arras Tunnel, giving space to create above the tunnel the new and magnificent Pukeahu National War Memorial Park.

The main commorative events begin on Friday 24 April, with a spectacular parade of military personnel, descendants of Anzac soldiers, vintage war machinery and vehicles.  Overhead, weather permitting, will be World War One aircraft.  The parade leaves Parliament at 12.30pm, and arrives at the new National War Memorial Park at 2pm.

The new museum, in part of the old Dominion Museum building at Pukeahu will house Peter Jackson's very promising "Great War Exhibition".

Anzac Day is on Saturday 25 April, and begins with the Dawn Service at the newly-restored cenotaph on the corner of Bowen Street and Lambton Quay.

Click on the logo below to see a line up of the main ANZAC events in Wellington, which all begins on Saturday 18 April.