Frequently Asked Questions

Beewildered about Buzzy Rental Cars? You may find the answer right here...


What do the rates include with Buzzy Rental Cars?

The short answer - our rates include unlimited mileage, basic vehicle insurance and GST.

The slightly longer answer – unlimited mileage is limited to 100 kilometres per day on hires of 2 days or less.  We are open to negotiation on that but, if you want to go to Auckland and back in one day, we’d consider that as a tad excessive!

Our rates also include 24-hour roadside assistance (in the unlikely event of a breakdown).


Is insurance included?

The short answer is, yes!

The longer answer is that you need to think about insurance excesses (the excess is the first part of any claim which you are responsible for paying before the insurance cover takes over).

Insurance excess on rentals cars in New Zealand is high.  The excess with Buzzy Rental Cars is relatively low at $2,000.  You think that’s high?  Some are up to $3,500 to $4,000 (we told our insurers that Buzzy hirers are safe drivers – we were right, I hope?)

The good news is that the excess is reducible, to $350 + GST, at a cost of $15 a day (and less for longer hires).


Does the insurance cover windscreen damage?

Windscreen cover is included in our insurance package.  It is possible to reduce the excess on windscreen damage to zero, at $5 a day, but only when the option to reduce the insurance excess from $2,000 has been selected.


Does the insurance cover wheel and tyre damage?

It is not possible to insure against tyre or wheel damage.


Does Buzzy offer zero excess for the vehicle?

We don’t offer zero excess!  We actually don’t know of any insurance company that offers a zero excess for rental cars (nor for privately-owned family cars, let alone a rental car!).  Beware of such offers.  There are traps!  Buzzy Rental Cars keeps things simple.


Can I take my Buzzy car anywhere?

Yes - except for those few places where you can’t take it!

Those places include any beach, Skippers Road (in Central Otago), Ball Hut Road (My Cook), any road north of Colville (Coromandel Peninsula) and any unformed road or off road.


Can I take my Buzzy vehicle across Cook Strait?

Yes - so long as you’re using a car ferry!  Buzzy insurance includes cover while on the ferries.  We can even make the ferry bookings for you, with either Bluebridge or the Interislander Line.  Tell us when you want to go and we’ll find the best deal.


I’m arriving on a flight – how do I get my Buzzy Rental Car?

That’s an easy one – you get our free meet and greet service!  As soon as you have your bags and you are ready to leave the airport, you call us on our 0800 number and we’ll zip over to pick you up, bring you back to the depot to sign up and away you go.  Easy!

For the return, simply come back to the depot – there’s usually no paperwork to do, and we’ll use your Buzzy car to zap you back to the airport, dropping you at the check-in gates.


Where and when can I pick up my Buzzy Rental Car from?

Just about anywhere, and anytime, at Wellington Airport and in central Wellington.  Buzzy Rental Cars is located beside Wellington Airport (see Location page).

You can pick up and drop off your Buzzy rental vehicle at the depot between 8am and 6pm daily (except Christmas Day and Easter Sunday) at no charge.  Outside those hours there is a call-out fee.

We can also arrange delivery of your car elsewhere, at a delivery fee of $25.  Popular pick-up points are Wellington Railway Station, the Interislander and Bluebridge ferry terminals and city accommodation.  For visitors on cruise ships, we are expert at getting your cars to you at the wharf, easily and quickly – see our Cruise page.


Are Buzzy Rental vehicles manuals or automatics?

Almost all our vehicles are automatics.  An exception is minibuses – please check with us at the time of booking.  For more details, see the Vehicles page.


Does Buzzy Rental Cars offer one way hires?

Yes, depending upon the time of the year.  There is a minimum hire period and a relocation fee, to help recover the cost of getting the vehicle back to its home depot.


What do I need to show you when I collect my Buzzy car?

All hirers must have a valid and current driver’s licence.  We will also need a valid credit card, for vehicle security.


I have an overseas licence – is that ok?

Yes, amost certainly.  New Zealand has reciprocal license acceptance arrangements with most other countries.  If your licence is not written in English, you will also need an authentic English translation of it – if you are stopped on the roads by the Police for whatever reason, they will require that translation.  If you are in any doubt, an International Driving Permit completed in the English language is universal.


How many drivers can we have for our Buzzy rental car?

Within reason, we don’t put a limit on the number of drivers.  Please keep in mind that rental staff are required to sight each drivers’ licence, so adding drivers later may not be so easy.


What is the minimum driver age?

Generally 21 years, but there are exceptions.  Drivers of any age who have held their licence for less than one year are subject to an additional $1,000 excess in the event of any insurance claim.  Please see the Buzzy Rental Cars Insurance page.


How and when do I pay for the hire?

Payment is made at the commencement of the hire.  We accept cash, EFTPOS and credit cards (Visa and Mastercard).  


Do I have to pay a deposit?

No.  Bookings are secured with your credit card details.


I don’t have a credit card – can I still rent a Buzzy car?

Yes, but we’ll need a security deposit.


I don’t have a credit card – can I use someone else’s card?

We know that Buzzy customers are honest folk!  What you’ll need to do is have the owner of the card you’re using sign a credit card authorisation form for us to use that card – and we’ll also need another form of that persons ID, so as we’re all protected.


May I have a receipt?

Of course!  All Buzzy customers will have a rental contract, which is numbered and doubles as a tax receipt.  We will also give you a copy of any transaction that is processed through the EFTPOS terminal. 


Can I smoke in the car?

NO! NO! NO!  Oooops – sorry, we don’t normally shout but, if you smoke in the car, it will need treatment before we can hire it again.  The cost can be hundreds of dollars, which you should be responsible for paying.


Do I bring the vehicle back full of petrol?

Yes, you'll receive a Buzzy rental car with a full tank of gas, and we’ll expect you back with a full tank, ready for the next Buzzy customer.


Changes to Bookings


Can I return my Buzzy car early?  Will there be a refund?

Each case is different - so speak with us.  In general, should you return the vehicle early, a refund may not apply for the unused days.  We may hold a credit for the unused days, to be used on a future hire within 12 months, by yourself or another party to whom you have clearly gifted the credit.  The credit cannot be used on over multiple bookings.


May I extend the hire?

We cannot guarantee that this will be possible but we will, of course, do our best to make it happen.


I’m late!  I’m late!

If you are late arriving to collect your Buzzy vehicle (due to, for instance, inclement weather) the hire rate is calculated from the time we had the vehicle ready for you – the booked pick-up time.  If delays extend to after our closing time, we will do all possible to get your car to you – call-out charges may apply.

If you are late returning the car to us, please stay in touch with us – the car may be needed by the next Buzzy renter.  We’ll happily give you an hour’s grace (life is too short, isn’t it!).  Beyond that we would look to be charging though – the best thing to do is to let us know what’s happening.


I need to change my booking details – dates, car type, etc.  What do I do?  Will there be any charges?

Simply call us on 0800 289-991 or email us at – there is no charge to amend a booking but vehicle type and duration rates may, of course, change.  Please also let us know if there are changes to your arrival details, such as flight, ferry or train times.




I need to cancel my booking – what do I do?  Will there be any charges?

Let’s be clear on this!  We don’t want to charge Buzzy customers sums of money that they receive nothing in return for!  The following are guidelines that are in place to protect our business.

If you cancel more than 10 days before the hire, no charge will apply.

For cancellations made between 10 days and 5 days before the hire, we reserve the right to charge ten percent (10%) of the gross cost.  Usually we don’t charge anything.

For cancellations made between 5 and 2 days before the hire, we reserve the right to charge fifty percent (50%) of the gross cost, especially at the busy times of the year.  If we are able to re-sell the reservation we would anticipate only the 10% administrative charge applying.

If cancelled within 2 days (48 hours) of pickup, we reserve the right to charge to full amount.  If we are able to re-sell the reservation we would anticipate only the 10% administrative charge applying.


For even more details, see our Terms & Conditions page.