Mobility Car

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An adapted late model small rental car for less-mobile travellers


This late model Toyota Vitz has a specially adapted retractable passenger seat to allow easy entry and egress. In the hatch-back luggage compartment a lightweight crane has been added to assist with moving a wheelchair in and out. In every other way there is nothing else that is unusual about this car - but it is very unique.

Using this special equipment is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3. The retractable seat is automatically locked into place for usual travel and allows full adjustment for comfort. When the vehicle is stopped, at the push of a button the seat unlocks, rotates 90 degrees and extends beyond the car to a low level, to make it easy for the occupant to stand or transfer to a wheelchair.

For the less able, this car makes transfer and transport really easy!

Please note maximum passenger weight is 100 kg.

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